ACT 1 - Introduction

This is the first episode of the A.C.T. Podcast and I’ll just spend a few minutes to explain who it’s for  The A.C.T. Podcast is dedicated to Canadian professionals like you who are busy contributing to the wellbeing of others. You’ve spent decades educating yourself in your field, and your greatest assets are you intellect, your work ethic, and your future income. 


This podcast is especially designed  for you if you’re focused on practice, and haven’t yet had time to put your full attention into   matters about investing. By virtue of your education and work ethic, you’ve been suddenly thrust into an income level that bestows upon you the label “Accredited Investor”.  Maybe like many new “Accredited Investors”, you become one by accident.  The Accredited Investors I know are incredibly talented and hard working professionals,  but their high incomes are ancillary to their true calling which is to serve their fellow humans.  I share this interest in promoting human flourishing, that is why I worked as an RCMP officer for 9 years, it’s why my wife and I adopted three wonderful children, it’s why we support various charities, and it’s why I now focus on making communities safer through real estate investing.  I have great respect for people who work to make the world a better place, many of whom I have the privilege to count among my friends, family and colleagues. The label "Accredited Investor” opens up an entire new world for professionals like you, with unique opportunities and landmines. 


I started this podcast to shine a light on the tools available to help deal with these opportunities and landmines.    One opportunity being an “Accredited Investor” it that allows is to plan ahead for major life events.  Whether you’re planning for income disruption due to disability or illness, or income disruption from raising a family, or you’re planning for a career change, or planing for a future sabbatical or you’re planning for your eventual retirement, there are plenty of strategies you can put in your toolkit to trade your current earned income for future investment income. 


The faster you can trade your high earned income for investment income the better you can ride the ups and downs of income fluctuation that life will inevitable throw at you. The biggest challenge to do this is landmines that waste your time and money,  The more secure you’ve made your financial future, the more security you can offer to your family and loved one.


This podcast will be focused on introducing one idea per day to help Canadian professionals like you navigate the world as an Accredited Investor. It’s my hope these ideas will help you make choices that will lead to your desired outcomes. 


This podcast is not legal or tax advice, what will be shared here are ideas and opinions that I’ve formed in my journey to becoming and serving “Accredited Investors” like you. 


Positive outcomes live within Action, so If you enjoy episodes of the A.C.T. podcast, it’s your turn to ACT!  Subscribe so you’re notified about the next show, and I’d love it if you’d leave a review and share the show with a friend.  Talk to you next time on the ACT Podcast! 

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